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Rules of conduct

The present rules determine the standards of spectator’s behavior in the sport-construction Arena “Druzhba” (ave. Ilitcha 93A, Donetsk) during the hockey games of the hockey club “Donbass”.

1. General Provisions

1.1.The spectators are citizens who enter the Sport-Arena with an admission ticket, season ticket, invitation or other documents of a standard form, which are not connected with the organization or support service of the game.

1.2.The match organizer, for the purpose of the safety of certain categories of spectators, may add special conditions to the match attendance to these categories, with obligatory notification of the adoption of these resolutions to the Sport-Arena administration, law enforcement authorities and spectators before the beginning of the sale of admission tickets.

1.3.The entrance into the Sport-construction means acceptance and voluntary undertaking of the spectators Special rules of conduct, which are in force during the stay on the sport-construction.

1.4. The enforcement of the Rules standards lies with the match organizer, law enforcement authorities, fire inspectorate as well as sports-construction agencies, which have been engaged to provide access control arrangements, audience seating and public safety (security services, private security companies, supervisors, administrators, volunteers and etc.).

1.5.Spectators who are not following the rules will be removed fr om the sport-construction and will not be refunded the cost of their ticket. Any violent acts by spectators will be punished by administrative or criminal liability.

1.6.The match organizer has the right to photo and video filmthe audience in order to prevent illegal activities.

1.7. Rule breaking by a spectator will give ground to the match organizers and Sport-Arena administrator to consider the question of whether the offender will be able to access the sports construction during other hockey games.

2. Spectators have the right to:

2.1. With admission tickets, season tickets, invitations or other documents of standard form, spectators may enter the Sport Arena before and after the match. The time of entrance into the Sport Arena is set by the joint decision of the match organizer, arena administration and law-enforcement. The number of spectators entering into the Sport Arena during the match with admission ticket, season ticket and other documents of a standard form will be determined by the Sport Arena Administration;

2.2. Use all the services presented by the match administration and Arena administration.

2.3. Bring and use at the Sport Arena tribunes:

- Tobacco goods and cigars lighters on condition that they are only used in specially allotted smoking areas;

- Symbolic emblems officially distributed by the Clubs in the Sport Arena;

- Fipple pipes up to 20 centimeters long and clappers, made of a plastic, which have been approved by the match organizer and if their usage doesn’t provoke objections among other spectators seated nearby;

2.4. Fan club representatives for the purpose of team cheering with a responsible person among fans per each supporting unit stated below, it is allowed to bring and use:

- Drums with one membrane, and open bottom, with diameter up to 60 cm and height up to 40 cm, with sticks;

- Banners of various configuration provided that they are located at the tribunes in a way that they do not interfere with other spectators’ viewing of the match. Their location is determined by a representative of the organizer club responsible for the security in agreement with the Arena administration, law-enforcement agencies, director of the match and the representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Banners should be made of a non-flammable materials (be impregnated with a special compound) and provided with appropriate fire safety certificates. The content on the banners should be directed only for club support and not contain any abusive, obscene, provocative texts, words, symbols or images;

- The length of wooden flag sticks shall be not more than 1,5 m. The flags shall be of flame proof materials (saturated with special solution), with corresponding certificates of fire safety. It is acceptable to use these flags at the guest and fan sectors. The information on the flags should be of a club support nature, without any offensive, indecent, provocative texts, words, symbols, images;

- Other means of team support. The usage of other means of team support may be acceptable only by the joint decision of the organizer, arena administration body and law enforcement authorities. The means of team support containing words and expression in official languages of the Russian Federation republics, in official languages of the countries of the Clubs which take part in the Championship, shall have the translation authenticated by the Club;

- The means of support containing words and expressions in a foreign language shall have a notarized translation;

- The means of support containing abbreviations and figure combinations shall have a written clarification of the given abbreviations and figure combinations, authenticated by the Club;

- The owners of the symbolic emblems listed below shall present them 1,5 hour before the beginning of the match with respect of its conformance to the requirements of the organizer, arena administration body and law enforcement authorities, Ministry of Emergency Situations;

- In the case of non-compliance of the given Regulations by fans, a decision of prohibition of the usage of the support means listed below at the hockey matches can be concluded;

2.5. To conduct amateur photo and video shooting without accreditation (in case it is not prohibited by the match organizer, which is noted by a special record on the admission ticket, season ticket or invitation).

3. The spectators must:

3.1. Show to the officers of the access control the tickets, season tickets, invitation and other documents which give right to enter the Sport-Arena as well as special permit entry of vehicles into the territory.

3.2. In order to ensure safety and prevention of prohibited items in the Sport-Arena, in some cases there is special inspection (checking) if you want to enter the territory of arena.

3.3. Take place in the tribune according to the admission tickets, season tickets and invitation.

3.4. Follow the law instructions of the game organizer, Sport-Arena administration, law enforcement officers and fire control service, to keep public order under control and follow the common norms of behavior.

3.5. Immediately notify the administration of the sport complex and law enforcement officers about suspicious items in case of smoke or fire, committing offenses and other security threats.

3.6. Take care of the property of the sport construction and to observe cleanliness.

3.7. In the case of persons or property injuries as well as harm caused to a property of legal entity, including the organizer of the “home” game, to compensate the harm in full, in the manner provided by law and not to meet the exception of back requirements from the person who initially compensate for the damage.

4. Spectators are prohibited:

4.1. Being in the sports complex in a state of alcoholic, narcotic or toxic intoxication.

4.2. To bring, use or put into action on the territory of sport complex:

- alcoholic drinks;

- any kind of weapon and ammunition;

- piercing and cutting items;

- smoke grenades;

- flares;

- firecrackers;

- fireworks;

- other substances, objects, products, including home-made,, the use of which may lead to smoke, inflammation and other negative consequences;

- flammable, explosive, poisonous, toxic or caustic smelling substances;

- flammable materials and objects;

- colorants, drugs, radioactive material;

- gas barrels of nerve-and-tear effect;

- laser devices;

- other items that can be used as a weapon;

- cans, glass, plastic bottles, bottles and containers;

- bulky items that prevent other spectators from viewing the event;

- amplification devices;

- radio stations.

4.3. Smoking in indicated places of the sport complex administration wh ere smoking is not allowed.

4.4. To make fire.

4.5. Throw objects into the tribunes, ice rink and into the space around it, as well as directly into the spectators, players, coaches, judges, representatives of the clubs and sport complexes, law enforcement officials and organizer of the competitions.

4.6. Wear or to hold up for view signs, emblems or other symbols of a fascist or racist nature;

4.7. Use obscene or offensive words, expressions or gestures.

4.8. Use symbols, banners, chants, shouts or gestures which bring social, racial, religious, national and international hatred as well as social, racial, religious, national and ethnic dominance.

4.9. Use clothing or other methods to hide their face;

4.10. Violate public morals and standards of behavior through exposed parts of the body while staying in the Sport-Arena.

4.11. Being provocative or threatening towards spectators or participants of the match, create a threat to life and safety of self, other individuals, or endanger anyone else, in any way;

4.12. To go beyond the fence of the ice rink or on it, appear in the locker rooms of the teams, referees, press centers and other offices.

4.13. Standing in the aisles or stairways, during the match or interfere with the movement of participants and spectators, stand on the seats, jump, organize a simulation of illegal actions, while standing on the tribunes climb over the board, parapets, lighting fixtures, poles, supporting structures or cause damage to the Sport Arena property or to the audience;

4.14. Visit the Sport-Arena with animals;

4.15. Hold any political activities;

4.16. To trade, distribute or in any way produce promotional, gift, political, religious or racist materials (including posters, flyers, brochures);

4.17. To carry out speculative trading of admission tickets for the match.